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The Universal Angel Foundation

The Universal Angel Foundation is closing December 31, 2003. To all of those that have crossed the path of the Universal Angel Foundation you will always have a place in our hearts.

We have come to love so many as if they were are sisters and our brothers...words would fall short to share the depth of our hearts and souls that you have touched.

Our Veterans and our lil children that we have come in touch with are warm amazing people with hearts of gold and love waiting to be shared and for sharing that with us we thank you.


To my board members l am so appreciative that our paths have touched and we have walked beside each other so long and through so much good and not so good....

Lenny, you have shown me what truth, belief and determination are all about and for that l thank you from the bottom of my are a Man among men.

BJ, your love and devotion that you have shared with the foundation and showing us how much love can be given to our Veterans and the understanding of them and their needs are lessons that will never be forgotten and for that l am honored that you were a part of the foundation.

Jeannie, your creativity and beauty of motion for expressing my thoughts and my heartfelt desires are beauty that will remain in my heart all the rest of my days and years...that is beauty l close my eyes and can feel...the love and the warmth and the kindness that you shared will always be remembered.

Joyce, my quiet friend, who is there when l need to talk and she listens and understands and supported me through all my desires and wants for our are a friend whose friendship l will always cherish.

Joey, you stood beside me and believed in me when others doubted and for that there is no word of thanks that will ever be enough...but, l, do thank you.

In closing let me say my life has been enriched by all that l have come to meet and share life with...and for that Thank you seems so inadequate...

I love ya all...and our friendships will grow stronger through the years and we will all meet in Washington, DC to bring our final dedication of love and honoring to our POW's/MIA's.

I wish all the most prosperous of life filled with love, and understanding. May we all walk in peace, knowing that in many ways we have made a difference...and for that l am most grateful.

Your friend,